anthony y yo in kobe


how have you been? i miss you a lot. it's hard to believe someone as a close friend for me if we have a certain distance. are you ok? are you happy? i hope you are doing well.

i'm fine. i'll get married soon. i regret that i confessed you for my too personal feeling because it would be really heavy to you and it is not your business. i did the same thing to evan. i'm afraid you guys didn't want to hear the mess.

however, you've been helping me to be independent. i made it because of you. i miss you a lot, awfully, i want to meet you again as the closest friend of mine, tony. but you don't reply me.

well, that sounds a kind of love letter, but my prospective hubby would allow me to miss you. i keep working, i keep making art. i promise you. i want to be proud of myself when i'd meet you again sometime.