How are U? I just started my journal in English. I met Ms.T yesterday. She is one of my teachers of art classes, but her age is as the same as mine. I did a small encaustic painting with her as much as chattering. She looks always serious, but her sense of humour is brilliant because of such a gap between her appearance and inside. I had a late lunch at Davis SQ.

I got an order from Ms. B. It is writing a journal which belongs to my idea of making an art. I have been obsessing by the idea of peeling papers. It sounds like sick, and actually it would be sick.

What does SICK mean? According to the dictionally, sick means physically or mentally ill. What does ILL mean? It means suffering from an illness or disease; not feeling well. For me, SICK and ILL mean a kind of abnormal conditon which I want to get out from it but not arbitrary. Well, I don't know.