how have you been? i miss you a lot. ken and i have been here over two weeks but we didn't do our work much. it is because... one of good things is we don't have to mow (btw mow is the name of japanse ice cream in our country) the grasses around the cottage much comparing with the last summer. btw "what did you do the last summer???????" i didn't know you the last summer, so i don't care much of you actually.

ken and i were talking about some plans we have for the future. i told him some expectations which i'd do after his retirement. i've milking of him, sorry. but he confessed me that he didn't like his study much more than i thought. he likes to edit the music and to write reviews for them. it is one of his dream. it is awesome. i want him to do it and to make them as a book. thus, i have to get some money first. work... hey are you working at Isabera Gardner museum still?