Today was a mixed day with clowdy and rain.


I'm in the computer lab@ MassArt on 3rd floor right now. Today I met several Japanese friends who I met the Artist Career folum in the last month. I wish if I could meet them earlier. I was so excited to talk about the event, probably prospective event. I'll go back to Japan, and I have no plan right now. My plan of this summer before going back to Japan is like to go NY sometimes, to go seaside? and to visit to the studio which most of my studiomates will take. I'd love to go fishing as much as go to seaside...!! But I don't trust American people much. They are lovely, but different from me. I still feel distance. Or I am so different myself? Unique or strange?

Tomorrow I'll go to NY with printmaking department people and Rashin. It should be nice because I paid only 7 dollers for the round trip. Nice! Nice! Nice! If we could have nice weather, too, I'll teach Squararing to Rashin.