It's raining now. Sometimes thunderstorms are coming. Today was a fine day. I woke up late but there was no problem. I even felt good. I didn't need taking a nap, and even I could help Marilin. When I came out from the restroom, a young guy studiomate just came in. My sight fixed to him. Then I looked at his tits. Actually I measured the volume of his tits. He should be male. I asked him "Well, you are a boy, right?" He stared at me wondering and smiling. I looked at the big sign "W" on the door and then pointed out the "M" door. The "M" door was open, so maybe he didn't notice that. He said to me, "Oh, there is!" I could not think what to do with these situations, so I just vaguely smiled. I secretally called him JEDI.