Today was the first day of my summer painting. I woke up late, actually I woke up twice. I was sleepy. When I arrived at school, a few students already waited for opening the door. The room was my studio, so I opend it. My studiomates gonna be twenty or more. I got a nice space which was the place Kiki took before. It is the corner of the studio. Each student has partations to divide their own space. My space is cozy and isolated like Kiki was. Other room seems more spacy, but I like mine. In the morning, Ms. D asked each student what they want to do in the class, so the meeting finished just before noon. I was awfully hungry. I had a bagel with cream cheese, but it was not enough. In this afternoon, I enjoyed to make a collage painting. I bought a 28 * 28 size canvas by 20 % off. It was because of the flow. I fixed it.